Dome Homes Featured on Green Living Blog

These days news travels faster than ever with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook adding to the viral nature of the Internet. So it’s no surprise that Monolithic Domes are making news on blogs and other Internet sites dedicated to green housing.

The latest site to feature dome homes is the Green Living blog, which is dedicated to the sustainable lifestyle While there’s no question that dome homes are among the greenest buildings on the planet, the article headlined Bring Home the Dome outlines both the pros and cons of owning a Monolithic Dome home.

“The perfect home? Quite possibly,” writes blogger Preston Guyton. “The downside? The very uniqueness of the dome home is also its greatest weakness.” Guyton goes on to list some of the challenges that dome home owners have encountered including difficulty in getting an appraisal and financing.

So is it worth going off the beaten path? Here is Guyton’s conclusion. “While there are challenges involved in building a dome home, it is worth it,” he writes. “These homes are eco-friendly, will lower your energy bills, and keep your family safe during most storms and earthquakes. The more information that people have about this revolutionary new type of home, the easier it will be to obtain financing, and up their resell values. Bring home the dome, and bring home the future.”