Disaster Recovery Domes Coming to Texas

What’s one of the first things people need right after a hurricane? According to Peter Fedele, the answer is cash. That’s why he is building a Monolithic Dome outside of Houston to store ATMs, mobile banks, satellite communication equipment, and back up generators for financial institutions.

“Right after a disaster, communications are down, credit cards can’t be used, checks can’t be cashed, and people need to get their hands on cash to buy groceries and supplies and start getting their lives back to normal,” Fedele, who is vice president of ABC Domes, told the Katy Times “Banks need to get cash and get their institutions up and running so they can get their communities back up and running.”

Two more Monolithic Domes are planned on the 10-acre site to serve law enforcement agencies, local governments and others. The project is modeled after a concept that the company pioneered in Florida. “ABC Domes specializes in disaster recovery, and the domes are hurricane proof, tornado proof, fire proof and can stand a number of winds without being knocked down,” Fedele told the newspaper. “The facility is built with no columns or eases so we can put a lot of equipment in there. It’s designed for you to move in and stay there during a disaster and function out of your office.”