The Disappearing Dome for sale

The “Disappearing Dome” is for sale. The beautiful dome house on the shore of Lake Michigan is currently used as a vacation home, but the owners would like to sell it. WBAY ran a nice story about the home.

“When people come in they’re pretty much blown away, you know, by what they see,” said Catherine Egger, a realtor for Keller Williams.

Inside the 4,000 square foot home there is a high ceiling, stained glass throughout, an apartment for a caretaker and special wallpaper to dampen noise. Contrary to some belief, there are flat walls to hang things.

Outside, the home is perched on a hill, with windows covering the back side.

“To me it’s almost like you’re living in a piece of art, you know, your house is a piece of sculpture,” said Egger.

Watch the rest of Inside Manitowoc’s Dome Home on WBAY. They also posted a small slideshow of Manitowoc’s Dome Home.

For more pictures and the story of it’s construction read our story, The Case of the Disappearing Dome.