David B. South Interviewed on Craig Crossman’s “Computer America” Radio Show

Recently, Monolithic’s President, David B. South, was interviewed by Craig Crossman, a national columnist and Monolithic Dome Home owner, and Co-Host, Ben Crossman, on Craig’s popular Internet radio show, Craig Crossman’s Computer America. The show is now in its twenty-first season in nationally syndicated radio.

During the hour long show, Pres. South and Craig Crossman describe the Monolithic Dome building process and how the combination of applying polyurethane foam on the inside of the concrete shell makes the Monolithic Dome super energy-efficient. They talk about the cost of building a Monolithic Dome Home and how it compares to the cost of building a conventional home.

Monolithic Domes as tornado and hurricane shelters are discussed and David South shares stories about Monolithic Domes surviving Hurricane Katrina. Pres. South relates specific cases of Monolithic Domes surviving earthquakes and the Monolithic Dome’s superior seismic protection. South and Crossman point out the many advantages of Monolithic Dome living and how Monolithic Domes are the perfect solution to the problem of replacing housing and schools that are lost in natural disasters around the world.

This interview is educational, entertaining and important. If you are thinking about building a new home, this is a “Must Listen.”

You can listen to the audio podcast by Computer America on iTunes.