Could Monolithic Airforms Play a Role in Containing BP Oil Spill?

Since April, British Petroleum has been trying to stem the flow of oil from a leaking deep-water well in the Gulf of Mexico. After a series of failed high-profile efforts, the company is currently trying to siphon off oil using a containment cap system and drilling relief wells aimed at stopping the flow by August. But with an estimated 60,000 barrels a day still gushing out of the well, the search is on for better solutions.

BP has set up a website where it is accepting ideas from industry experts, and has received more than 7,800 proposals to date.

Joseph Friedlander is among those who have come up with an idea for containing the flow of oil. Called the Friedlander Oil Chimney, it involves the use of Monolithic Airforms. Worried that his solution might never see the light of day, Friedlander recently posted details on the Next Big Future blog and is asking readers to help spread the word.

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