Concrete Plant Beds Appeal to Aging Population

The American Institute of Human Relations and Aging (AIHRA) is a non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness of the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of daily life in old age. One of the institute’s goals is to develop cognitive and social programs for the elderly with various interests and capabilities.

Among the activities the organization is advocating is gardening. “Many of the elderly have been gardening for a significant portion of their life. Continuing to do it, while in a long term care environment, returns to their life the feeling that they are useful, productive, and taking care of something important to them,” according to an article on the AIHRA web site.

To facilitate gardening for those who might need some extra assistance, the institute is recommending concrete plant beds developed by the Monolithic Dome Institute. They will “last forever; will be maintenance free; and will be very attractive.”

For more information, contact: Gary Clark at 972-483-7423.