China’s First Monolithic Dome Granary Featured in China’s “Grain News”

Recently, China’s Grain News featured the first Monolithic Dome granary in the country. The story, entitled The most advanced grain storage—Grain Dome—landed on China, Shanxi, Taiyuan was written by reporter, Fujia Peng. Located in Taiyuan, Shanxi, the granary is comprised of two Monolithic Domes built by American Monolithic Dome builders, South Industries of Menan, Idaho.

Fujia Peng reports that a Metro State Grain Reserve official hopes to put the new Monolithic Dome granary to use as soon as July. The organizer of the project from Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is quoted as saying the advanced, unique design of the Monolithic Domes have distinct advantages over traditional grain silos. Some of the advantages mentioned are: Efficient use of space; Seismic resistance; Corrosion resistance; Durability; Strength; Waterproof and heat resistant storage; Low maintenance costs; Energy efficiency; Low operational costs; Low energy consumption; Short construction period and Green construction that is good for the environment.

We caught up with Nathan South of South Industries who spent many weeks in China overseeing the project, at the Monolithic Dome Institute during his travels and we are looking forward to publishing a feature-length article about this ongoing project.

Until then, check out The most advanced grain storage—Grain Dome—landed on China, Shanxi, Taiyuan in China’s Grain News.

Of course, reading Chinese is not our strong point, so here is a Google Translate version of the article in English.