Carolina Dome Home Draws Crowds

The Cagle family had planned to build a traditional home along the Carolina coast before Hurricanes Bonnie and Fran slammed onshore. It wasn’t so much the severity of the storms that made the Cagles change their minds. It was actually the stringent new building codes that caused them to reconsider their construction choices.

“(With the new requirements) it cost too much for us to build,” Clare Cagle said of a traditional home. My husband “started doing research online and that’s when he found the monolithic home.”

Now, Claire and her husband are nearing completion on a three-story, 3,800-square-foot environmentally-friendly home that will not only withstand hurricanes, but tornadoes and earthquakes too. “It can withstand an F-5 tornado,” Eric said. “Our goal is to have a heating and cooling bill of $10 a month.”

The Jacksonville Daily News reports that the home is already drawing crowds.

“I understand it can be seen from five miles away,” said Eric Cagle. “It’s not your normal house by any means.”

Recent coverage by the local news station WECT 6 News: Man builds monolithic dome for his family to live