Canadian City Considers Monolithic Dome Wellness Center

Because many people still are not familiar with Monolithic Domes, one of the biggest hurdles proponents face when pitching this new technology is a lack of awareness. In Port Colborne, Ontario Canada, resident John Mitchell is making sure that city council members understand the many advantages that dome buildings have to offer.

The city is considering building a health and wellness center, and Mitchell wants to make sure that they consider constructing a Monolithic Dome. In a presentation to the city recently reported in The Tribune, Mitchell explained that one of the biggest benefits is savings on construction of the building itself. He said the Great Lakes Dome Co. is confident the building can be constructed for $27 million, while other bids have ranged from $32 to $36 million.

Mitchell also touted the Monolithic Dome’s energy efficiency. “Fifty per cent in energy savings can be easily achieved,” Mitchell said of the proposed facility, adding that these “significant energy savings” can be used to help keep user fees low.