Athletic Business Magazine features Monolithic Dome Gyms

Why are so many school districts building Monolithic Domes? Energy efficiency is definitely near the top of the list. But the fact that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is helping fund construction of these tornado-resistant structures has fueled a mini building boom of sorts.

That’s the message of a feature story on Monolithic Dome gyms in the April 2012 issue of Athletic Business Magazine.

The article highlights gym projects in Archie, Woodsboro, and Fowler (Kansas). It also points out that Dodge City (Kansas) Community College is planning to build a new Monolithic Dome gym and student activity center this spring, and Pontiac-William-Holliday District #105 (Illinois) is also making plans to build a Monolithic Dome.

David B. South, president of Monolithic, Inc. is only too happy to talk about the buildings’ advantages. “Once people understand the costs, the energy efficiency and the safety aspects, you’ve got 90 percent of it licked,” South told the magazine. “Then people ask, ‘Well, what do we want to do about what it looks like?’ We can do all kinds of things to make them every bit as nice-looking, if not better-looking, than a standard old gymnasium box.”