American Free Press visits Monolithic

American Free Press (AFP) bills itself as a no-nonsense, uncensored, independent weekly source for important news about the pressing issues facing our nation and the world today. As such, its staff writers take the time to meet the people and explore the ideas that point towards a brighter future. That’s according to Mark Anderson, who made a recent road stop at the Monolithic Dome Institute in Texas and later wrote about our structures.

In his article entitled “True Freedom in New Modes of Living”, Anderson highlighted the “pitfalls of living in traditional ‘stick-built’ homes and similar conventional housing that subject occupants to major risks in strong storms and other disasters, along with increasingly heavy energy, taxation and insurance costs.”

Anderson also highlighted the new cylinder-shaped wind turbines, manufactured by FTC Energy, that are being tested on top of domes and offer the promise of even more energy efficient dome buildings. “These units are far more efficient, far less expensive, and profoundly easier to install than the tall ‘bird swatter’ wind turbines now heavily in use, which many say are noisy and hazardous,” Anderson wrote. “The new turbines…are maintenance free, silent and generate power at much lower thresholds as AFP saw at an early December turbine demonstration.”

Anderson also wrote about Monolithic’s grow domes, which are designed to grow food crops anytime, anywhere. “The dome’s internal environment is controlled year-round with the proper lighting and water systems to allow for up to six annual harvests of tomatoes and other food crops.” This strategy, Anderson concluded, will blaze a trail toward “a world in which the use of imported and overly processed foods can be trimmed back steadily, and perhaps eliminated altogether where appropriate.”