Rajan Ahluwalia — Greys Paper Recycling Industries Ltd.

Rajan Ahluwalia — Greys Paper Recycling Industries Ltd. (Edmonton Journal)

A Perfect Match: Monolithic Dome & Recycling Facility

Edmonton Waste Management Centre

Combine an eco-friendly recycling facility with the greenest of all buildings, and you have a perfect match. That’s what residents of Edmonton will have once construction is completed on a $10 million closed-loop recycling facility that will be housed in a Monolithic Dome.

The recycling process is called “closed-loop” because the city will send waste paper and other recyclable material to the plant, which will in turn sell the recycled paper it produces back to the city at market prices. In addition to being housed in a “green” Monolithic Dome, the facility will use only 1/20th the amount of water used by traditional paper mills and solar energy will provide most of the daytime lighting.

Construction on the recycling facility, which will be the first of its kind in North America, began earlier this year, and the facility is expected to be fully operational in 2010. Click here to read a news report on the project.

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