A Fertile Market for Domes

Monolithic, Inc. has been building fertilizer storage facilities for decades. The strong, steel-reinforced concrete structures are well-suited for chemical storage because they can handle the corrosive elements in the fertilizer. They also can withstand the abuse of front loaders and other heavy machinery used to move the chemicals from one location to another. An added bonus is the dome’s energy-efficiency, which makes air-conditioning them cost-efficient, keeping condensation to a minimum.

Recently, demand has been on the rise for Monolithic fertilizer blending plants. The newest facilities were also the subject of an article in Crop Life, one of the leading trade publications in the agricultural industry.

In the article, El Dorado Chemical spokesman Justin Gough sums up what appears to be a growing consensus in the fertilizer industry: “We believe this type of facility is the future of the fertilizer industry. It became apparent early on that our products would store better, we would be able to operate more efficiently and our maintenance cost will be less going forward.”