Maranatha Church: A Dome Sanctuary

The dome for Maranatha Church is 208’ diameter and 48’ tall.

Pastor Ronnie Trice and his wife Sandy organized Maranatha Church in December 1973, initially to serve its local community of Mont Belvieu, Texas. But church membership increased rapidly, so its congregation soon outgrew the sanctuary they then used, which seated six hundred.

The Christian Center Cathedral of Praise

This 190-foot diameter dome sanctuary is the center of the facility and can accommodate approximately 3,000 people.

A multitude of 1,400 to 1,700 gathers for a typical Sunday service at the Christian Center Cathedral of Praise in South Bend, Indiana. “But,” says Associate Pastor Stefan Radelich, “there’s not a bad seat in the house.”

Whaley’s Dome: From fun and games to comfort and safety

Monolithic Dome Multipurpose Center — Built by Whaley United Methodist Church in Gainesville, Texas, this dome includes a 14-foot stemwall, a diameter of 108 feet and an overall height of 37 feet.

For a stranger in Gainesville, Texas, a town of about 16,500 people, the Whaley United Methodist Church and its Monolithic Dome multipurpose center is a little hard to find. But most resident can tell you exactly where “the dome” is. That’s because, since it’s completion in 2005, this Monolithic Dome is used, not only by the church, but by the community.

Pilgrims United Church of Christ

Pilgrims United Church of Christ — Parishioners describe their Monolithic Dome church as a sanctuary nestled in the woodlands of Fruitland Park, Florida.

After five years of continual use, most members of Pilgrims United Church of Christ in Fruitland Park, Florida are just as enthusiastic about their two Monolithic Domes as they were at that deciding meeting when eighty-four of the eighty-nine present voted for their construction.

Church of Christ: Built by Enthusiasm

Church of Christ — Built in 1996 in Salina, Kansas, this Monolithic Dome church has a diameter of 110 feet and a height of 40 feet.

In 1992, Jimmie Keas, the Minister at Church of Christ in Salina, Kansas, and the congregation made a big decision. They began researching various building designs and came across information on Monolithic Domes, that immediately sparked their interest.

Abundant Life Church

Abundant Life Church — This Monolithic Dome church has a diameter of 192 feet and a finished interior of 65,000 square feet.  Built in 1997 in Denham Springs, LA, this church was completed for approximately $4,000,000.

Abundant Life Church in Denham Springs, Louisiana built a sanctuary with a Monolithic Dome atop a stemwall that is eighteen feet high and one foot thick. This main sanctuary has a diameter of 192 feet and encompasses 28,000 square feet, with a seating capacity for 2800 worshippers.

City Bible Church

Aerial View — Built on a butte and clearly visible by people driving or flying into Portland, City Bible Church has become somewhat of a landmark.

Since its opening in 1991, the two Monolithic Domes of City Bible Church have become somewhat of a landmark in Portland, Oregon. Art Johansen, facility administrator at City Bible, is very much in favor of that development.

Mile Hi Church and Its Monolithic Dome Sanctuary

Mile Hi Church — Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado calls its new Monolithic Dome sanctuary, “A work of heart!”

On its website ( that’s how Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado talks about its new sanctuary — a huge Monolithic Dome that called for an Airform of 44,000 square feet. Opened in April 2008, the dome has a diameter of 232 feet, a height of 60 feet, a seating capacity of 1500.

A Dome With Wings

Lake Christian Church — Located in Palymra, Virginia, this Monolithic Dome church was designed by D. Thomas Kincaid, A.I.A.

While it can’t fly, Lake Christian Church in Palmyra, Virginia is a Monolithic Dome sanctuary with wings, designed by D. Thomas Kincaid, A.I.A. The sanctuary’s 104-foot diameter encompasses an area used mainly for religious services that can be easily converted into a multipurpose room, since its seating is movable.

Cost Savings Persuade Megachurch To Go Monolithic

Legacy Church — Legacy Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico currently has a congregation of 5,000.

Legacy Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico fits the bill of a megachurch. It has a current congregation of 5,000; a new Monolithic Dome sanctuary that seats 3,000; a ministry that includes special programs for every age group; televised, recorded services with contemporary music and drama presentations; an elementary school and a bible academy.

Faith Chapel Christian Center

Faith Chapel Christian Center — Located in Birmingham, Alabama, this Monolithic Dome mega church was built in 2000. It is a 280ft diameter dome with 61,575sf (1.414 acre).

Birmingham, Alabama is home to the largest diameter Monolithic Dome church in the world. Built in 2000, Faith Chapel Christian Center measures 280-feet in diameter with a seating capacity of approximately 3,000. The dome encloses 61,575 square feet. The church was designed by Architect Rick Crandall and Dome Technology of Idaho Falls, Idaho built the dome shell.

Brooksville Assembly of God

Brooksville Assembly of God — In 2003, Brooksville Assembly of God held its first service in their debt-free Monolithic Dome church that cost $3.8 million.

It took two and a half years from groundbreaking to the first service, but Brooksville Assembly of God in Brooksville, Florida successfully completed their Monolithic Dome church — debt free. Presently 1300 call Brooksville A/G their church home, but the dome offers room to grow with seating capacity for 2300.

A Monolithic Dome Gym at Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks Ranch — It’s a Monolithic Dome retreat center with a semi-elliptical shape, a 143-foot diameter and a 45-foot height in Barry, Texas.

A Monolithic Dome that is semi-elliptical in shape, 143’ in diameter and 45’ in height will greet youths arriving for summer camp and adults attending retreats at the Thousand Oaks Retreat Center near Barry, Texas this summer. Established in 1995 by the DFW Church of Christ Jesus in Carrollton, Texas.

St Joseph Catholic Church: A blending of old and new

Architectural blending — A long wall connects St. Joseph’s new Monolithic Dome church with the original church, a small, traditional structure that now serves as the Parish Hall. Both the connecting wall and the stemwall of the dome are made of cut face block that looks like brick.

Most people really like what they see, hear and feel when they visit the recently completed St. Joseph Catholic Church in Commerce, Texas. And with its completion, the original church became the Parish Hall. “That was how we planned to do this right from the start,” Rev. George Monaghan said. “But that became one of our first challenges.” The pastor and his planning committee wondered what kind of a new structure would fit well with the old. They suspected that only something cornered and traditional would fit architecturally, but they wanted a structure that was energy-efficient, low maintenance, affordable and durable. Was that possible?