Does a Monolithic Dome home cost more than a conventional home?

A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul (Phillip Moffitt).

When it comes to interior walls, plumbing, electrical and finish-out, a Monolithic Dome home and a traditional one are virtually the same. But there the similarities end.

A Monolithic Dome home differs from a traditional in one very important way: the shell!

Generally, a Monolithic Dome shell uses more expensive materials and less labor. That is the miracle. A conventional house with concrete walls and roof will cost vastly more than a Monolithic Dome of a similar size. But the Monolithic Dome is very very close to the same price as the conventional, not-all-concrete structure with a similar finish out. While the dome structure costs a bit more, its heating and cooling systems are less. So realistically they are close in price.

But the cost of a house varies greatly. A home can be expensive or not depending on its size and finish. A $1000 kitchen sink costs the same whether its in a Monolithic Dome home or a log cabin.

A home built in California or New England costs more than one in Tennessee or Iowa. These price differences are not definable by shape or size but by local prices influenced by local materials. It’s therefore impossible to give a single USA price. Consider just one example: The cost of a building permit in Ellis County, Texas is $75. The same permit in much of California is $45,000.

The Monolithic Dome house is as green as you can make a house. It has a lifetime measured in centuries. It uses very little wood. It is fire safe, tornado safe (window may go), hurricane safe and earthquake safe. Energy consumption for heating and cooling is reduced by 50% to 75% depending on location. Other items can be added such as solar, wind and more to help.

Please see and learn vastly more than we can cover here.