Can a Monolithic Dome be built on permafrost?

Building on permafrost is tricky for any type of construction. The Monolithic Dome has some advantages. First it is much stronger than most buildings. And it is “Monolithic” or “one piece.” So if we can get it held up it will stay together through wind or weather or earthquakes. A few ways to make it work are listed.

  • Raise a bed of gravel to set the building on. And in this bed of gravel place galvanized culverts covering about 50% of the floor area. Next super insulate the ground immediately under the floor; The air can then travel under the floor and allow the ground under the house to freeze like the ground outside the house.
  • Drive pilings into the permanent part of the permafrost and pour the floor foundation on top of these pilings. Thus leaving an airspace under the building.
  • Other ways such as keeping the ground frozen have been used but they are nearly all very expensive.
  • We do build a Monolithic Cabin that is easily set on pilings. Multiple cabins can be used to make large facilities.