More about Concrete Pumps

All concrete pumps are not created equal! But they play a very important – you might say “integral” – part in Monolithic Dome construction. Consequently, in this section we include articles that present a very brief history of concrete pumps, the advantages and disadvantages of peristaltic pumps and hoses, and what Monolithic recommends based on years of experience in using concrete pumps.

A Brief History of Concrete Pumps and What Monolithic Recommends

We didn’t see peristaltic concrete pumps for quite a number of years. But now they’re back and gaining in popularity. The newest peristaltic hoses are constructed of open-cell polyurethane, a material that has many applications, including polyurethane springs for shearers and tongs. One manufacturer claims, that before needing replacement, tongs with polyurethane springs will run five times longer than those with steel springs.