New Mixer Now Available To Distributors

“The Monolithic Portable Mixer, a user-friendly, low maintenance, portable concrete mixer is now available to distributors,” says Melinda South, Manager, Equipment Division.

Regarding equipment, Melinda describes Monolithic’s responsibilities as “making sure equipment is built correctly and our customers are satisfied.” She sees the Monolithic Portable Mixer as a viable business opportunity.

She says, “The ideal distributorship for handling our Monolithic Portable Mixer is a center, just about anywhere in the world, that rents, leases or sells construction equipment, especially skid-steer loaders and attachments.”

Asked why and how the Monolithic Portable Mixer came about, Melinda says that David B. South, president of Monolithic Constructors, Inc. initiated its development. “David saw the need for an easy-to-use-and-maintain concrete mixer, gave his specifications, and we began working on it.” She also said they decided to manufacture the skid-steer attachment in-house for quality control purposes.

Melinda says, “Distributors’ discounts are available. We intend to promote the Monolithic Portable Mixer on our website, and include a listing of all our distributors along with their contact information.”