To Architects and Designers: Tax Rebate 179-D

Good News!

Many people do not know that there are some serious tax credits and implications for designers of public-funded structures. Such buildings include schools, city halls – anything paid for with public monies.

I urge architects and designers to review Section 179-D of the tax code. You as a designer can get a tax rebate of up to a $1.80 per square foot when you design these publicly financed buildings.

The rebate is also available for privately financed buildings, but that becomes a tiny bit more complex. You must establish a program showing how you will share that money, either with the owner, the contractor or the designer.

Essentially, the code allows 60¢ sf for energy-efficient lighting, 60¢ sf for energy-efficient HVAC and 60¢ sf for the structure, per square foot. This money is an incentive for you, the architect or designer, to create more energy-efficient buildings.

The Monolithic Dome automatically becomes the key!

It is far more energy efficient than any other structure currently available. Using a Monolithic Dome is a no-brainer! It will automatically help you qualify for the greatest tax rebate.

In fact, it is imperative that when you design a Monolithic Dome building you cut the HVAC by up to 75%. In a Monolithic Dome that 75% is not needed; it will just be wasting your customer’s money and increasing his utility bills for the life of the structure.

If you pay attention to the lighting and the HVAC, you will easily qualify your structure.

This is in addition to the fact that the basic dome structure is a tornado shelter. If you pay attention to the openings, you will have a building that qualifies for FEMA help with the funding. Currently that help is 75% in most cases.

Please review Monolithic’s website and get familiar with what you need to do to help your customers.

In addition, we suggest you contact a firm such as Engineered Tax Services (801-564-4464). It employs experts such as Heidi Henderson, who can do the paperwork and evaluate your structure to show that you qualify for the rebate.

Heidi is not the only representative who can help you, but she knows about Monolithic Domes and she also knows about the rebates. She represents a very large engineering firm that does nothing but provide the information you need.

We strongly suggest that you consider this not only for the value it gives your customer but for the extra money it can put in your pocket.