Starship Pegasus in its heyday

Starship Pegasus in its heyday (Robert Rummel-Hudson, used by permission)

Beam me up, Scottie

This Unique Retail Opportunity is located in a high-traffic area about 45 miles south of Dallas

The 2856 square foot “Starship Pegasus” in this town about 45 miles south of Dallas. The Starship is a Monolithic Dome located adjacent to Interstate 35 in Italy, less than a half mile from Monolithic’s headquarters in Italy.

Listed as a certified roadside attraction on the website, the Starship is one of two roadside attractions in Italy. The other one is Monolithic’s production facility, the giant caterpillar “Bruco”. Built in 2005, the Starship was built as a restaurant and game room, and built up a sizeable Internet following because of its pizzas, which were some of the best in the area. Although the Starship closed several years ago, the website for the restaurant is still active.

According to its website, the original Starship was Phase I of a multi-phase plan that included a lecture hall, a spaceflight museum, a hotel and convention center, and a high-tech exhibit hall. Ultimately, the combination of a bad economy and rural location doomed the project.

However, as with so many other innovative ideas, timing is critical. Today the location is beginning to boom, with extensive Interstate 35 redevelopment combining with more interest in the areas south of Dallas to create a development boom that is approaching Italy. The traffic counts on Interstate 35 next to the property have now climbed to a a very high 31,000 cars daily.

There are now restaurants/truck stops/travel stops on three of the four corners adjacent to the Starship. Just another example of being three years too early.

The Starship is fully outfitted as a restaurant or fast food operation. It has a complete kitchen, a large open space dining and entertainment area, a large walk-in freezer, a security system, and serving and food preparation areas. All the new operator needs is to move in whatever appliances are needed, and he’s off to where few men have ever gone.

In spite of the out-of-this world appearance of these unique properties, Monolithic Domes make a tremendous amount of sense in today’s greener real estate market. They’re incredibly energy-efficient and well-insulated. Even in the middle of the day in 105 degree heat, and the dome is still quite comfortable inside. Besides, they’re virtually indestructible. FEMA actually provides funds in some localities to build these types of domes as multipurpose buildings for schools or civic buildings. They’re listed as emergency shelters for the community and are hurricane- and tornado-resistant.

The dome sits on a half-acre with an adjacent 7 acres also part of the offering. All told, there is almost 1,000 feet of frontage on the IH-35 service road.

For more information, contact:

Ted W. Dang CPM/CCIM
Commonwealth Real Estate
1305 Franklin St #500
Oakland, Ca. 94612
(510)832-2628 × 222
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The Starship today

The Starship today (Joe Lumbley ©2009)

Aliens at play

Aliens at play (Andy Gee)

Phase II Plans

Phase II Plans (Andy Gee)

Main dining area

Main dining area (Andy Gee)

Serving and counter-space

Serving and counter-space (Andy Gee)

Flying Saucer Overhead Light

Flying Saucer Overhead Light (Andy Gee)