How To Buy a Monolithic Dome Church

Understand the Benefits

  • Safety – Monolithic Domes meet or exceed FEMA standards for providing “near-absolute protection” from natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. A concrete dome is also fire-resistant. Conventional buildings simply cannot match the safety and security of Monolithic Domes.
  • Energy Savings – A Monolithic Dome is a micro-energy user. It offers energy savings of 50% or more at no premium in construction. These savings accumulated in a bond account could equal the total cost of the Monolithic facility in less than 20 years. Again, unmatchable.
  • Permanence – With reasonable maintenance, a Monolithic Dome will last for centuries.
  • Clear-span Structure – The inside of a Monolithic Dome church sanctuary has no pillars or posts to clutter anyone’s view. And a clear-span interior allows complete remodeling as needs change.
  • Shorter Construction Time – Once the Airform is inflated, construction moves to the dome’s interior, unaffected by inclement weather. This shortens the building period and makes a new church available sooner.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums – Because a Monolithic Dome is virtually indestructible, it qualifies for lower insurance premiums.

How to proceed

We recommend completing a free evaluation, then commissioning a feasibility study to be done by a designer who knows Monolithic Domes. The feasibility study establishes a preliminary program, proposes a solution and creates a rough budget. Based on this information, the church can decide to proceed or make changes. The church also has the option of using its own architect for the final design and is not obligated beyond the cost of the feasibility study. Also see Monolithic Dome Church Pricing.

Note: Anyone planning a new facility – big or small – has many questions and concerns. Please contact us with yours. We’re here to help and can be easily reached: [email protected] or 972-483-7423.

Steps to purchase

  • Complete a Free Monolithic Dome Church Evaluation that will give you a preliminary budget.
  • The Commercial Feasibility Study is a vital tool that gives church authorities and the congregation a realistic look at their plans before a total commitment is made.
  • Hire Monolithic as your Construction Manager or Project Advisor. Monolithic follows through by working with you every step of the way. That includes hiring architects, engineers and subcontractors and assuring that your church is built within time and money budgets.

Updated December 12, 2006

Monolithic Dome Church Pricing

When asked, “How much would it cost to build a Monolithic Dome church?” I usually come back with, “How much does a car cost?” A car price depends on make, model, age, condition and more. Similarly, church costs depend on variables: where, when, what and more. The following information may help you get an idea of the cost of new church construction and ongoing maintenance.