Our Business Friends

We have a lot of business friends.

These are people who, over the years, have influenced our lives and have become our friends. Many have their own businesses, located in various parts of the world and including an entire spectrum of interests.

I plan to periodically write a bit about these businesses and have it posted on this website. Those bits will talk about new friends who have affected, impressed or influenced us.

At one of our more recent workshops, we had a man by the name of Marshall Lund show up. Marshall has a company called Signature Bow. His phone numbers are 715-789-2256 and 715-923-7472.

Marshall makes his own bows for hunting and tournament shooting. A click here will show you his current brochure. Marshall has improved powerful, metal constructed, compound, curved bows.

But here’s a big difference: Marshall donates a percent of all of his profits to cancer research. So, if you have time, take a look at his website and give him a call.

For a number of years Cindy Steele worked for Monolithic. She was always on the frontline answering questions and doing whatever was needed in our busy business.

A couple of years ago, Cindy decided to strike out on her own. She now runs Crystal Connections LLC. Her phone numbers are 469-225-4060 and cell 972-567-8975. See her website www.crystalt1.com for more information.

Cindy specializes in selling systems for voice data and video communications. If you are considering buying into any of this stuff, you would do well to talk to her.

That’s it for now, but we will continue adding to this list. And we wish all of our friends the best of luck.

April 30, 2009