Off The Grid Radio podcast interview with David B. South

There’s a nice interview with David South by Off The Grid Radio. It’s a podcast where they discuss how the Monolithic Dome resists hurricanes and other disasters.

Every year homeowners along the coast prepare for hurricane season, praying one doesn’t hit their region. In other parts of the country, they’re preparing for tornadoes, and out West, for wildfires and even earthquakes.

But what if you could build a home that was pretty much indestructible – that would survive a direct hit from a hurricane or tornado, and even withstand a wildfire or major quake?

That’s the idea behind “dome homes,” which are growing in popularity among not just off-gridders but everyday Americans. This week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio is David South, the president of Monolithic Domes, which builds dome houses and teaches others how to do the same.

Listen to the whole show, How To Build An Indestructible Off-Grid Home (That Will Survive Tornadoes, Hurricanes And Wildfires) on the OffTheGridNews website.