Construction Management

Within the building industry, construction management has not only become a popular buzz word, but an equally popular and advantageous way of handling a construction project — especially for the client.

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The construction manager will act as the client’s adviser during the project’s design phase by making suggestions, researching costs of considered options, and explaining reasons behind various design decisions.

  • Work with the design team in producing and distributing individual bid packages.
  • Counsel the client in the selection of a successful bidder for each package.
  • Negotiate with subcontractors on bid packages that have no acceptable bids.
  • Act as client’s liaison with subcontractors during construction and clarify, change and coordinate as necessary.
  • Present any and all alternatives that will enhance successful project completion.

Construction Management has experts like Alden Porter, who has recently or is currently overseeing projects for the Texhoma School District in Texhoma, Oklahoma; St. Agnes Church in Houston, Texas; Italy Independent School District in Italy, Texas; Avalon Independent School District in Avalon, Texas; Woodsboro ISD in Woodsboro, Texas.

When building St. Agnes Church in Houston, Alden was able to save considerably on iron work when the bids of Houston suppliers just “seemed too high.” He contacted suppliers in the Dallas area and got a far better price. Most general contractors would not do that kind of research.

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