El Dorado Chemical  — Blend plant in Bryan, Texas

El Dorado Chemical — Blend plant in Bryan, Texas

El Dorado Chemical Update

Last month I was able to visit the fertilizer blend plant that we built in Bryan Texas, and it was really exciting to hear what the managers of the plant had to say.

Their first comment was: “It’s amazing that our machines haven’t started to rust by now; the dome keeps everything so dry and clean.” Although we had told them about how the dome would keep the building clean and dry, seeing is believing. When fertilizer is kept in this kind of environment, there is zero loss of product.

The next comment was about the efficiency of the dome. They are keeping the dome cool and dry with a very small A/C unit. Also, extracting material is very efficient because the design of the dome means minimal distance between bins.

Another comment was about the security of the dome. It’s a completely secure building, and there will be absolutely no trouble with National Security Inspections.

I have to say that this has to be one of the best applications we’ve ever seen for the Monolithic Dome. These plants are completely secure, fire-proof, efficient, and they will outlast any wood storage buildings ten to one.

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