Disaster Shelters: What the American Red Cross needs and looks for

A large Monolithic Dome, such as a school, gymnasium or church might very well qualify as a designated disaster shelter or what the American Red Cross calls a Mass Care Facility.

According to information received from Dana Allen, media relations specialist at the Dallas Area Chapter of the Red Cross, reviewing and qualifying a structure as a Mass Care Facility is a vital part of what the Red Cross does. Since a natural or man-made disaster can occur anywhere, the search for large, strong buildings, ideally with kitchen, toilet and shower facilities is an ongoing one.

For the structure’s owner or administrator the process is relatively simple. A call to a local Red Cross office will get you all the information you need, including a comprehensive Mass Care Facility Survey. Once it’s completed and returned, a Red Cross representative contacts you for an appointment to inspect the building, and confirm its suitability.