Strengthening a Large Creek Bank

The bank was rough and we did not intend to greatly change it. We smoothed a few spots. Our goal was bank stabilization – not a seemingly new bank that looked manufactured.

We received a call from a homeowner in Forreston, Texas. She wanted us to examine the creek bank in front of her house. The creek had seriously started to erode and her house was seriously getting closer to the creek. She was really worried about it falling into the creek if she lost a few more feet.

Airformed Culverts

Finished culvert — Once the concrete dries, simply slide the airform out to be used again and again.  The dirt can be backfilled in a few days, and you have a simple, permanent, culvert.

Monolithic’s Airform technology can be used to build culverts. What’s more, this technology produces quality products for less money.

Monolithic Bridges

Each bridge section is independent and designed for full highway loads. Any number of sections can be used to create bridges for small to wide waterways. They can be like the old Roman viaducts.

Monolithic® Bridge technology represents an innovative solution that allows bridge construction to be stronger, longer lasting and more affordable. Historically, most bridges have been the domain of the standard, rectangular, steel or wooden form of construction. Unfortunately, these bridges have not withstood the test of time. Consequently, city and county governments are seeking affordable, yet permanent solutions for rebuilding these bridges using concrete. A Monolithic Bridge is just such a solution.

Monolithic Cut-and-Cover Tunnels

Monolithic Cut-and-Cover Conveyor Tunnel

Need an underground tunnel to move people, water, or stored material, such as grain, coal or fertilizer? Need sewer pipes or a protective housing for cables? Any and all of these needs can be filled with Monolithic Construction Technology. It uses an innovative, Airformed process to construct cut-and-cover underground tunnels that cost less but have many advantages not available in standard, rectangular, concrete tunnel construction.