The entrance to the Pantheon in Rome, Italy.

Throwback: The world’s oldest monolithic dome — the Pantheon

The Pantheon is arguably the first monolithic dome. Not in the sense of the modern, insulated structure, but as the original one-piece, monolithic, concrete dome — the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. No other significant structure of antiquity has survived as well preserved nor with the roof intact.


Monolithic Dome Tour—October 14, 2023

Monolithic Dome Tour 2023

The Monolithic Dome Research Park is opening to the public for tours on October 14, 2023. Plus, there is a dome home in Utah showing the same day as well. Both tours are free and open to the public.

Twin Monolithic Dome Home For Sale in Ocala, Florida

Twin Monolithic Dome Home in Ocala, Florida, for Sale

Benjamin Erwin and his wife are selling their two bedroom, two bathroom Monolithic Dome home in Ocala, Florida. They dome is a gemini style twin domed structure of a 50-foot diameter living space and a 40-foot diameter, two-car garage. Ben purchased the home in 2017 and rennovated the exterior in 2020.

Summer Stories Embrace the Monolithic Dome Home

The Bubble Palace near Cannes, France

Monolithic Domes found their way into the spotlight this summer, featured in articles in Business Insider, Architectural Digest, and Cowboy State Daily. All three articles noted the creative shape of the dome.

Riding Out the Storms: Monolithic Dome Home Survives Two Hurricanes

Tinsley Double Dome Home Overlooking Cudjoe Key Bay

When Paul and Shirley Tinsley chose to build a Monolithic Dome home in Cudjoe Key, Florida, they had no idea that they were building a home that would withstand not one, but two Category 4 hurricanes in six years: Hurricane Irma, in August of 2017, and Hurricane Ian, in September 2022.

State of the Art Health Facility Comes to Pecos

Aerial view of Reeves County Recreation Center in Pecos, Texas.

Local residents are enjoying the years of planning and work put in to improve the well-being of the community offered at the Reeves County Recreation Center. The facility began as an idea among the county commissioners in early 2012. Though elected officials changed over the years, each court has had at least one torchbearer who refused to let the dream lose momentum.

Students Learn and Work Hard at Spring 2023 Workshop

A double Texas-sized rainbow shines over a field during the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop.

Bad concrete. A projector flashes picture after picture of concrete voids, poorly embedded rebar, and a concrete mess all over the ground. It’s Friday afternoon at the Spring 2023 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop and Gary Clark is giving his presentation, “The Worst Shotcrete Job, Ever.”

The Shamrock Chateau is, or at least was, for sale

Shamrock Chateau Monolithic Dome home in Italy, Texas.

While the house has sold, we still want to talk about this beautiful dome home because it’s unique, plus it’s the residence of retired Monolithic Dome designer Larry Byrne and his wonderful wife, Marilee. They designed and constructed a genuinely unique Monolithic Dome home, and we want to give it — and them — a proper sendoff.