Starship Pegasus comes to an end

Starship heyday

The structure, a roadside attraction for years, in its heyday. Its time has come to end and it was recently demolished.

Far view of demolition

A view of the whole structure during demolition. A trackhoe was used for the demolishing. (Mike South)

Dome parts

Parts of the Monolithic Dome are seen during demolition: polyurethane foam, steel rebar, and shotcrete. (Mike South)

Holes in dome

The trackhoe worked on the structure, creating big holes in the structure until it eventually came down. (Mike South)

Hole up close

A close-up of a hole in the dome, where the steel rebar can be seen. (Mike South)

Side view

A side view of the structure during demolition. (Mike South)

Part demolition

Part way through the demolition of the dome. (Mike South)

Demolition complete

The dome after it was completely torn down. (Mike South)