A shelter from the storm

Front of dome

The front of the dome for Waukomis Public Schools. (Brett Jones)

Dome plans

Superintendent Shawn Tennyson rolls out the plans for the school’s practice facility, which is housed in a recently completed dome. (Brett Jones)

Locker rooms

Superintendent Shawn Tennyson shows off part of the space that will eventually be locker rooms. (Brett Jones)

Locker room space

The locker room space is still under construction (Brett Jones)

Weight room

A weight room is already in use in the facility. (Brett Jones)

Weight room floor

The flooring in the weight rooms is the same kind used for Olympic competitions. (Brett Jones)


A plaque commemorates the opening of the indoor practice facility. (Brett Jones)


Students use the facility throughout the school day for PE classes and other activities. (Brett Jones)


Students inside the dome (Brett Jones)

Inside dome

Shawn Tennyson stands in the facility (Brett Jones)

common area

“Home of the Chiefs” adorns a common area in Waukomis Elementary School. (Brett Jones)


The school motto adorns another wall in the building. (Brett Jones)

high school

The outside of Waukomis High School (Brett Jones)

door bolt

A heavy bolt like this one helps secure the dome doors during weather events. (Brett Jones)

front of dome

Shawn Tennyson stands in front of the dome. (Brett Jones)