Letter From: Paul. J. Dubenski, Ontario, Canada

Someone once said, “You are part of all you meet.” With that thought in mind, it makes me feel proud inside to be part of a dream shared with us by Mr. South. The operation, the food, the politeness, the smiling faces made me feel like enrolling in the course every year – just for the refreshing “shot in the arm” I got from the Monolithic staff.

I really liked the attitude -if anything can go wrong, it will. Also, the common sense approach to prevent problems from happening before you begin working. Your team has given us much more than concrete dome structures. Their insight, direction, right way to do things, purpose in life, commitment, understanding and lots of patience were all shown not just talked about in your dealings with us.

Gary Clark-Can’t forget the humor and extra motivation brought out in us through Gary’s way. Gary’s attitude of working reminds me of this quote, “The difficult we do right now – the impossible just takes a little longer.”

Larry Byrne-Has been a real pleasure meeting a professional-in every aspect of the word. Thank you for making the time available to speak and consider us “common folk.” Your inspiration and easy manner has restored and strengthened my faith in my fellow man. The whole workshop far exceeded my expectations. I left being friends with all.

Few people have made an impact on my life as all the people at Monolithic have. Your common sense, keep it simple, easy manner, went far beyond just constructing domes.

As a teacher for the past 30 years, I have attended many workshops. This one rates as one of the best. Keep up the inspiring work.

Again, thank you so much for allowing us to share in your dream. May God bless you and your staff – giving you the courage and strength to continue on the path that you are on. Now the ball is in our court.—Paul. J. Dubenski, Ontario, Canada reprinted from the Spring 2000 Roundup