Maps and Directions

DFW to MDI Headquarters

  1. Follow the signs out of DFW taking the South Airport Exit.
  2. Exit onto Hwy 183 headed toward Dallas
  3. Merge onto Hwy 121
  4. Merge onto I-35E headed south through Dallas. Stay on I-35 for about 35-40 minutes.
  5. Take the Italy exit #386
  6. Go east under the overpass at the stopsign. (A common mistake many people make at this point is to accidentally take the Interstate frontage road and merge back onto I-35E going north. DO NOT turn onto the I-35E north freeway entrance.)
  7. Turn north onto Kinfolk Lane (it’s in between McDonald’s and the Shell station). You’ll see the Domes and be able to find your way from there.

Hint: If you pass Love’s and the Dollar General you’ve gone too far. If you stay on the access road you will be shuttled back onto the freeway.


Click on 177 Dome Park Place, Italy, TX 76651 for GPS directions.