The “spaceship” house for sale again in Colorado

Back porch

Back porch of the spaceship house. (Ryan Dykstra)

Yard with out buildings.

Yard with out buildings (Ryan Dykstra)

2.9 acres

The house is on 2.9 acres of land (Ryan Dykstra)

Old trees and the dome

Old trees and beautiful scenery with the dome in the background. Note the three-car garage behind the house. There is a studio apartment above the garage. (Ryan Dykstra)

Curved bookcase

A large, curved, oak bookcase under a skylight is the center of the home. (Ryan Dykstra)

(Ryan Dykstra)

Great room

The great room looking into the sunk-in seating area. (Ryan Dykstra)

Large windows

A large row of windows overlooks the back yard from the great room. (Ryan Dykstra)

Open kitchen

The kitchen is open to the great room. (Ryan Dykstra)

Breakfast table

Note the small breakfast table in the kitchen. (Ryan Dykstra)

Main entryway

The main entryway (Ryan Dykstra)

Master bathroom

Master bathroom (Ryan Dykstra)

Master bedroom

Master bedroom (Ryan Dykstra)

Sunk in seating

The sunk-in seating area with the wood stove / fireplace. (Ryan Dykstra)