Letter: Margaret tells her story of riding out Hurricane Michael in a Monolithic Dome home

After the hurricane

Golden Eye after Hurricane Michael hit with full force. The neighbor’s house was destroyed and the trees were twisted and mangled. (Margaret Clayton)

Hurricane garage door

The hurricane garage door held, but was bent at the bottom. Clayton said she couldn’t open the door. Her van was damaged in the hurricane, but survived. She also lost the right-side garage light. (Margaret Clayton)

Before the hurricane

A beautiful day before the hurricane. Note the trees in the back and the glass flowers “planted” around the home. (Margaret Clayton)

Glass flowers

Before the hurricane shot of some of the glass flowers she “planted” around her yard. (Margaret Clayton)

Gone with the wind

The Monolithic Dome home after the hurricane. Debris were everywhere. The power line lays across the home. “All around me was a disaster,” said Clayton. “My dome was safe. Note that my glass flowers were ‘gone with the wind’” (Margaret Clayton)

Neighbor’s house.

Clayton’s neighbor’s house is a complete loss. She described its destruction as an explosion. (Margaret Clayton)

Caterpillar home

A picture of Golden Eye before the hurricane. Clayton’s house is on a narrow lot in Port Saint Joe, Florida. Instead of a large dome, she built caterpillar-shaped dome home. Note the observation deck on the conventional structure. (Margaret Clayton)

Margaret and the bald eagle

Margaret Clayton earlier this year in England holding a 12-pound bald eagle named Irina. (Margaret Clayton)