Arcadia open house exceeds expectations

Arcadia dome home

Arcadia, the first Monolithic Dome home in Cache Valley. Visitors toured the home during the open house on Nov. 5th. (Amy South)

Kitchen during the event

The kitchen was the busiest room during the event, with many visitors stopping and asking questions of the homeowners. (Stewart Ulrich)

Visitors in hallway

Visitors down the hallway, viewing the bedrooms. (Stewart Ulrich)

Loft during event

Most of the visitors started their tours upstairs in the loft, which was enjoyed by many. (Stewart Ulrich)

Garage during event

The garage featured cross sections of the roof and wall, as well as the landscape plan for the property. (Stewart Ulrich)

Food collected during event

These boxes contain food that was donated during the event. It was a large amount and it will all go to the local food pantry. (Stewart Ulrich)