Photo gallery: Arcadia home interior

Great room

The great room: kitchen, living area, and dining area. (Stewart Ulrich)


Entryway of the home. (Stewart Ulrich)

Living area

The living area of the home. A comfortable location to sit and talk. (Stewart Ulrich)

Dining area from couch

The dining area seen from one of the couches. (Stewart Ulrich)

Dining area

The dining area. (Stewart Ulrich)


The kitchen. Styled in white and gray with red accents. (Stewart Ulrich)

Sitting room

Sitting room off the kitchen and dining area. (Stewart Ulrich)

Barn door

A barn door that leads to the home office. (Stewart Ulrich)

Bathroom vanity

A vanity outside the bathroom. (Stewart Ulrich)


Mirrors at the end of the hallway leading to the bedrooms. (Stewart Ulrich)


One of the three children’s bedrooms. (Stewart Ulrich)


Another of the children’s bedrooms. Notice the curved ceiling. (Stewart Ulrich)


The last of the children’s bedrooms. (Stewart Ulrich)

Master bedroom

The master bedroom. (Stewart Ulrich)

Master bathroom

The master bathroom. (Stewart Ulrich)

Loft area

Loft area upstairs. Designated as a place for kids to play, or for entertainment. (Stewart Ulrich)


The chandelier as seen from the loft. (Stewart Ulrich)

Property view

View of the home from the corner of the property. Situated on about 2/3 of an acre, there is room for a driveway capable of holding multiple cars, and future landscaping. (Stewart Ulrich)

Front door

The Arcadia Monolithic Dome home. This is the front door. (Stewart Ulrich)

Street view

The opposite side of the home, which faces the street. (Stewart Ulrich)

Valley view

The home was designed to maximize the views of the surrounding valley. Windows on the south side each have this view. (Stewart Ulrich)