Letter From: Scott McAnulty & David Ratchford- North Carolina

“As recent workshop participants, we would like to thank you for an enjoyable and informative workshop. Everyone at Monolithic was extra friendly and helpful. The format of the workshop worked out very well. The class-time provided an opportunity for discussion and questions, and the hands-on part of the workshop provided the opportunity to become familiar with the equipment and to get a good feel for the actual construction process. We had viewed the training tapes prior to the workshop, but only through the workshop did we develop a solid confidence in our ability to build domes. The notebooks you provided are very helpful and the certification certificates are lasting, positive reminders of the knowledge we gained in your workshop. Certainly the construction of Monolithic Domes will be a continuing learning process, but your workshop provides a solid foundation and the necessary knowledge with which to begin.” — Scott McAnulty & David Ratchford.