Letter from: Jeff and Sarah Kamin

Dear Mr. South,

I just wanted to write you a note of thanks for the Dome Builder Institute Workshop that I attended April 9-13, 2013. What a great week! You and your delightful staff really made us feel welcome and a part of the Monolithic family.

My wife and I enjoyed the tours of the homes and the gymnasiums. It was a great way to see up-close-and-personal the various methods of constructing, decorating and living in these comfortable and unique structures. It was also good to see the older structures and the improvements that have been made through the years in the design and construction techniques.

I was a bit concerned about being a part of your largest class to date, but with a 40’ dome to build there was plenty of hands-on opportunities for everyone. The mix of classroom to field time was good and the subject matter wide enough to hold our interest and deep enough to stimulate good questions and discussions. The informal times for lunch and the evening snack gave us time to get to know you, your staff, and our classmates better — what a great bunch of people!

Gary Clark did a great job keeping the group engaged, humored and on track. Larry Byrne answered our engineering questions. Mike and the construction pictures and stories, and your various and diverse discussions really made for a very satisfying week. Javier, Hector and the rest of the crew demonstrated great techniques and passion for dome construction along with a whole lot of patience with our group’s varied experience levels working with equipment and in a construction environment. Hats off to the meal planners and behind-the-scenes organizers that helped make this week such a success.

Throughout the week, we were treated to honest and open appraisal of the techniques, opportunities, challenges, and potential pitfalls along with tremendous insight into the heart of the man who has dedicated his life to using these remarkable structures for the good of his fellow-man. It was pleasure to get to know you and your staff.

With Warmest regards,
Jeff & Sarah Kamin