Letter From: Edgar Seligman- The Bahamas

“After the course was finished, you asked us to send you our thoughts about the course. Here’s my two cents…

Overall, I thought the course was excellent. I was probably the only attendee with no experience whatsoever in the construction industry. Naturally, I was a bit apprehensive. But although I didn’t grasp everything that was going on, when we were finished I felt that I had a good understanding of the processes involved in building a dome. I particularly appreciated the balance of classroom work with the outdoor practical work. All of you were very patient and clear with your explanations. Most of all, I enjoyed the atmosphere at MDI and meeting so many interesting people. As an employment lawyer, I was delighted when one of your staff exclaimed to me that David South was the best boss anyone could ever have! That said a lot to me about what you guys are all about. I just finished reading David’s book so I feel even more tuned in to what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you hope to do in the future.

The final thing I will say about the course is this. It has often been said that you don’t teach what you know, you teach who you are. Gary, David and Larry did that and it was a pleasure to be a student in your class.

I think I mentioned during our phone conversation that we’re still jumping through bureaucratic hoops and hurdles. Right now we’re moving our HQ (Ron’s accommodation) from a very, very small one room surf cabin to a 2-bedroom fixer-upper which we’re currently fixing up. When Ron is settled there, we can really move forward with our project. Christmas is almost here and it will be hard to get anything done until the New Year. So my best guesstimate is that we’ll be up and running again in mid January.

Very best wishes to you, David, Larry and the MDI family.

Edgar Seligman- Nassau, The Bahamas