Letter From: Benjamin Neusse

While attending the April Workshop by day, I had the fortune of dreaming by night within the comfort of a Monolithic Dome. Such immersion brought to life the ability of Monolithic Domes to fill the vast structural needs of humanity. The integration of the most advanced building materials with nature’s perfect shape excited me about the capability domes have to shelter our lives.

Monolithic’s Workshop provided me with the finer points of dome design and construction. Actually living in a dome gave me the insight and inspiration for beginning my own projects. A tour of Monolithic’s nearby creations brought dreams of schools, churches, homes, office buildings, hospitals, factories, and entire communities into vivid 3D color.

After a week of living and learning in domes, I see a future where mothers safely give birth in hospitals resistant to earthquakes. I see cars built in factories heated and cooled at a fraction of the cost. Those same cars are protected from hail and storm damage in Monolithic garages. I see crops grown safe from pests, blight and damaging weather. I see retirement communities where our seniors can rest free from fear of hurricanes and storm surge. I see personalized apartments where our homeless can find not only refuge from the street but dignity in the ability to afford a place to call their own.

I dream of a bright future where our grandchildren, freed from the terrors of tornadoes, can safely dream of building domes on neighboring planets as humanity reaches for the stars.

Benjamin Neusse