Best Water Filter in the World – Available to your NGO!

The Just Water Ceramic Drip Filter

This water filter cleans water of virtually every known bacteria and virus. That means that virtually any water – whether from a pond, ditch or gutter – can be run through this filter and safely consumed.

Check out the detailed video on how this works.

Obviously, the “Just Water Filter” will not remove salt or chemicals, such as alcohol, from the water, but it will make the water drinkable. No cholera, flues, bacteria or virus!

Simply designed, this water filter has a main ceramic filter, with a 2/10 of a micron hole, that allows water to pass through but stops bacteria. The entire mechanism works well and lasts a long time.

Inside the filter, we can put other chemicals, but in general we use activated charcoal to remove bad taste, hydrogen sulfide and other materials.

In some parts of the world, we use another chemical to remove arsenic. So if you have arsenic in your water, we can handle that also.

Here’s how it works:

The filter is mounted into a bucket that can be purchased anywhere. Water is poured into the bucket. From there it drips through cleanly into whatever container you want, usually another bucket that has a spigot. (Filter can be purchased with an optional spigot.)

The Just Water Filter has a cloth filter that fits over it and stops moss, mud and any other unwanted that might be in the water. That cloth filter can be cleaned quickly and should be cleaned often as it protects the ceramic filter from becoming plugged.

Over time, the ceramic filter will need cleaning – a simple process done by rubbing it with a green Scotch Brite™ pad. (You may also use a bleach/water solution. Do not use soap.)

Filters can be purchased as filters only. But if you wish, we can include the bucket system.

We have two bucket systems:

One is strictly for gravity feed. It filters 7 to 10 gallons a day.

The other bucket system is a simple hand pump that puts pressure on the water and forces it through the filter faster. It can clean 50 to 80 gallons of water a day.

Available and easy to order:

We have these buckets and the filter system in stock at all times. You can email us or order online, click here.

Let us know if you are ordering 500 or more at a time. We give discounts to orders of 500, 1,000, 10,000 or more. We have literally sent these filters around the world. They save lives.

In the Monolithic Marketplace you can review more details on the filter system, including a travel filter for one person. In many parts of the world it’s an absolutely necessary tool to carry with you.

All filters we offer are priced as low as possible. Our aim is to affordably provide them to save lives.

On our website, please also look at EcoShells. You will see that we can also help you with low cost, permanent housing, far beyond what anyone else has been able to make work.