Water Filters

We all need clean water. Life on this planet simply is not possible without it. So Monolithic now offers several types of water filtering systems that are effective, easy to assemble or install, easy to maintain and reasonably priced.

We have water filtering systems that can be installed to filter every drop of water used in the home.

We also have a system that can be assembled for emergency use in the home or just about anywhere. It’s the same system that charitable organizations, such as the Texas Baptist Men’s Water Ministry, transport to and set-up in disaster- or war-torn areas.

And we have water filtering systems specifically designed for campers, hikers, bikers, mountain climbers, boaters and outdoor sport enthusiasts.

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A Practical, Life-Sustaining Water Filter

Simple but effective — The Texas Baptist Men’s Water Ministry travels to impoverished, war-torn or disaster areas and teaches people how to assemble and use these simple but effective water filters.

To provide clean, drinkable water to people trapped in disaster- or war-torn areas, the Texas Baptist Men initiated the development of a practical, inexpensive, but very effective, ceramic water filter. They call it the “Just Water Ceramic Drip-Filter.”

Video: Just Water Ceramic Drip Filter

This video presents well illustrated, detailed information about a tool every household should have: the Just Water Ceramic Drip Filter. It’s affordable and easily assembled. More importantly, it can get rid of dangerous bacteria and make any water potable. This filter was developed by the Texas Baptist Men’s Water Ministry, who travel with and deliver these filters to areas devastated by natural and manmade disasters.

Water Filters! Why?

When Monolithic began offering water filters, David South, our company president, began getting questions. “Why is Monolithic talking about water filters?” someone asked. “What do water filters have to do with domes?” another queried. And a third simply asked, “What’s the connection?”