Hurricane Michael smashes power transformer into Monolithic Dome home

Destroyed house

Hurricane Michael destroyed the neighbor’s home next to this Monolithic Dome. (Margaret Clayton)

Augment damaged by flying transformer

A power transformer — still connected to the power cables — whipped around and smashed into the Monolithic Dome augment. The augment is the inverse curve of the dome and took an unbelievable hit. The impact did penetrate the dome — creating a small hole — and split the exterior coating and foam. (Margaret Clayton)

Transformer and damaged garage door

The transformer whipped around, again, and struck the garage door. It clearly did not have the same force of the first hit. (Margaret Clayton)

Hurricane Michael debris

Debris from the neighboring houses are everywhere. (Margaret Clayton)

Plastic covered door

The garage door and augment are covered with plastic until they can be repaired. The dome is structurally sound. (Margaret Clayton)