Captain America’s shield covers MIT Great Dome

Top view of Captain America’s shield

A fabric Captain America shield covers the MIT Great Dome in prank over The Avengers: Endgame opening weekend. (Raymond Hammond)

Side view of shield with river and city behind

Students planned for months to pull off the prank quickly and safely. (Raymond Hammond)

Fire truck atop Great Dome

Many MIT “hacks” target the Great Dome including placing a replica MIT fire truck on top. (Christina Xu)

Construction photo from 1916

Photograph of the original construction in 1916 showing the incredible amount of scaffolding it took to build the 100-foot diameter concrete and limestone dome. (Public Domain)

Great Dome in the evening

The Great Dome sits atop Building 10 in the center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. (Justin Jensen / Flickr)

Killian Court

The Great Dome overlooks Killian Court where the MIT graduation ceremony takes place. (Justin Jensen)

MIT Barker Library Reading Room

The MIT Barker Library reading room rotunda under the inner, 75-foot diameter dome. (Wikimedia Commons)

Barker Library reading room oculus

The oculus was covered during WWII and remained covered for over 75+ years. In 2013, it was renovated using special “Fresnel-like” glass blocks which focus 15-percent more light into the space below. (Wikimedia Commons)