Water purification unit

Water purification unit (Brianna Eggleston)

Clean Water for Haiti

The Need Continues

Since the devastating quake of January 12, the Dallas chapter of the Texas Baptist Men has delivered more than 13,000 units of their water-filter system to Haiti. Unfortunately that has not eradicated the problem. A lack of potable water is still severely contributing to illness and death – especially among children.

An Opportunity To Help

Through Monolithic, you can now arrange for a “Just Water Ceramic Drip-Filter” to be delivered directly to the Helping Hands Hospital in Port-au-Prince.

This water-filter system was developed and has been used successfully in devastated areas, for many years, by the Texas Baptist Men. Compared to other systems, it is inexpensive, easy to assemble and very easy to use. More importantly – it works!

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