A dome transformation for one school

School entrance

The entrance to the school. (Javier Figueroa)

3 Monolithic Domes

A view of the three interconnected Monolithic Domes. (Mike South)

School aerial view

An aerial view of the school. (Mike South)

School overhead shot

The school from directly overhead. (Mike South)

Steel cladding close-up

A close-up of one of the domes, showing the steel cladding. (Mike South)

Old roof

The original roof, before the steel cladding was added. Back then the school was known as the School of Communication Arts. (Living Arts College)


A classroom inside the school. (Mike South)

School green screen

A green screen in one of the production rooms of the school. Notice the curved wall of the dome. (Mike South)

School library

The school library. (Mike South)

School photography studio

A photography studio in the school. (Mike South)