Colorado home available for tour October 19, 2013.

Colorado home available for tour October 19, 2013.

Bristlecone Dome: Fairplay, Colorado

This dome is available for tour on October 19, 2013 (from 8:00am to 4:00pm). See entire list of homes available for 2012National Monolithic Dome Tour.

Owner: Keith Wortman

Address: 2066 Platte Drive, Fairplay, CO 80440

Phone: 661.607.8929

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(47’ dome with two interconnected 36’ domes; 4,000 sf; plus 30’ dome shop) It’s a dome home which will surprise you in many ways. From the entry, the home looks small, come in and it grows several fold right in front of you. The immensity of the domes but also the openness will draw you in. The house is 3 large domes molded together into a Mickey Mouse hat shape. Guests have total freedom if they stay long but lots of mingling, room for up to 60 or 80 guests. It is an eye opener to what domes can be.


From Fairplay, go 2 1/2 miles north on HWY 9 towards Breckenridge. Turn left on CR 14. (paved road) as you come down hill to river, you will see our dome sticking up out of the trees. Cross river and turn left on PLATTE DRIVE. Follow main road around sharp bend. Lake on your left. Barely past lake is our driveway on right. DON’T PASS THE GRAVEL PIT!

Directions via google maps.