Payson Community Christian School: Payson, Arizona

This dome school is available for tour on October 18, 2013. See entire list of commerical domes available or homes available for 2013 National Monolithic Dome Tour.

Owner: Payson Community Christian School

Address: 1000 E. Frontier Street, Payson, Arizona 85541

Phone: 928-474-8050


Our school is three domes with a center administration building that connects all of the domes.
The first dome is called the cafeteria dome and we use it for grades Pre-Kindergarten to 4th grade. It also has our school kitchen and a library.
The second dome is the Chapel dome. It is set up with a small stage and sound room. It also has 9 full-sized classrooms.
The third dome is the gym dome with a carpeted basketball court. This dome has four large classrooms, maintenance room, and a music/chior room.
All of our domes have a large skylight in the center and the classrooms have either skylights or windows to bring in the light from the large skylight.


Directions via Google maps.