Monolithic’s 2013 International Dome Tour Recap

Monolithic held its annual, International Dome Tour on October 18 and 19. Many private homeowners and commercial business owners graciously opened their doors to the public during the weekend. Responses to the event varied with location and publicity. Overall, we thought the two-day event was a positive, educational experience, thanks to all who participated!

Jari Whiteacre of Whiteacre Residence in College Station, Texas:

Jari Whiteacre reports that the tour went wonderfully! They had almost 30 people sign in and many more who visited without signed the guest book. Whiteacre says, “People LOVED the home! I heard awesome, cool, fantastic, and many more.” Several people who toured the home were planning Monolithic Dome homes of their own.

Christine and Jim Spurgeon of the Claddagh Dome in Azle, Texas:

The Spurgeons had three groups of people for a total of twelve visitors the weekend of the tour. They report that two other visitors showed up a week early. They said the visitors were nice.

Bob and Claudia Hendricks of Hendricks Residence in Yelm, Washington:

The Hendricks’ Monolithic Dome home received good coverage in their local newspaper as the “Editor’s Best Bet.” We call this a good response. The total number of visitors is unknown.

Phil and Melody McWilliams of McWilliams Residence in Silverado, California:

The first two people showed up at ten o’clock in the morning followed by a steady stream of visitors all day. They estimate a total of fifteen tours. Most of the people were pretty local and most were talking of building a Monolithic dome home. The McWilliams said, “It was a really pretty day here on Saturday, we had refreshments and met a lot of nice folks.”

Ben and Ari Katner of Katner Residence in Polo, Illinois:

This year, Ben and Ari Katner had approximately 40 people tour their home, many of whom were from Chicago. One visitor was a woman from Columbus, Ohio who brought her ailing mother to see their Monolithic Dome. The Katner’s report, “Although it was hard work getting the house ready for that many visitors, our kids chipped in with lots of help, and we feel like it was worth it, since we enjoy spreading the word, and when people gasp when they come inside it makes us feel thankful that we could purchase a Monolithic Dome.”

Jay Hansen of Hansen Residence in Hudson, Iowa:

Jay Hansen reports seventeen visitors during the dome tour.

Joe Gora of Free Will Dome in Marietta, Georgia:

All went well according to Joe Gora. He said people from Georgia and the Carolinas showed up and enjoyed touring the Monolithic Dome home and listening to his experiences.

Dan Baltzer of Henk Dome in Laketown Township, Wisconsin:

Two groups of two people toured the Henk Dome during the tour.

Steven Self of Woodsboro Independent School District in Woodsboro, Texas:

Three visitors toured the Monolithic facility at Woodsboro.

Monolithic Headquarters, Europa Dome, Charca Casa, The Callisto Dome, Due Sorelle Dome and Shamrock Chateau in Italy, Texas:

Monolithic and neighbors enjoyed over 125 people visiting the business and homes in the area. We had a steady stream of tours all day. People visited from California, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma and more. Everyone reported many visitors and much fun.