The mud couldn’t keep dome fans away from the 2018 dome tour

Bruco, the Texas landmark

Hundreds of dome fans toured the Monolithic Dome Research Park on Saturday, October 20. After weeks of constant rain, the weather turned sunny, and it was a beautiful day. Even the with all the mud and standing water, people toured the offices, shops, and Bruco: The Texas Italian Caterpillar.

Monolithic’s 2013 International Dome Tour Recap

Monolithic held its annual, International Dome Tour on October 18 and 19. Many private homeowners and commercial business owners graciously opened their doors to the public during the weekend. Responses to the event varied with location and publicity. Overall, we thought the two-day event was a positive, educational experience, thanks to all who participated!

Monolithic’s 2012 International Dome Tour Recap

On October 19 and 20, Monolithic held its annual, international dome tour. The owners of 20 dome-homes and the managers of eight commercial domes generously gave of their time and energy to participate in the tour. Thank you very much!

2011 Dome Tour Declared “Best Ever!”

Hooray! They’re still cheering at Monolithic. Thanks to the cooperation and work of domers scattered across America and a healthy media response, this year’s Tour was a big success. Here’s what we’re hearing from our participants:

Our Monolithic Dome Tour: October 16, 2010

Nationwide, about 1700 people walked through, inspected and got information about Monolithic Domes during this year’s Tour. That happened because dome owners willingly spent their time and energy making this Tour possible. Thank you very much!

2009 Nationwide Dome Tour Recap

David B. South, President of Monolithic, said, “Everyone here truly appreciates the dedication and hard work of the owners and administrators of the Monolithic Domes who participated in this year’s tour. We know that preparing for the tour involves much time and energy.”